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MC Chevy (New York, USA)

project´s co-founder, band's “soul”, lyricist,
integral part of N.O.H.A. imparting its charisma,
voice, living power and energy to the project.

Kaia Brown ( Brooklyn-USA ),

Singer,Stage Performer, Studio Vocalist, Writer,
Traveler,Fighter., band's “voice”.
New face of the project, globetrotter filled with inspiration
of culture from all over the world.
Kaia connected immediately with the energy
and vitality of N.O.H.A. and looks forward to bringing
her dynamic, sultry, rock-infused soul style into the
Noise Of Human Art mix.


Philip Noha (Prague, CZ)

founder of the project, band´s “head”, composer,
producer and saxophone player setting its direction
throughout entire existence of N.O.H.A.
It was his composition and production of songs
like “Balkan Hot Step”,"Pijama" or “Tu Café” which moved
N.O.H.A. to its current level.




Jatrabass (CZ), band´s „liver“

bass guitar and double bass. Like its equivalent
in human body, Jatrabass also filters just
the elements needed for band´s musical blood
and its bloodstream. Precision and excellent
coordination with the drum-kit make for band´s
extraordinary groove station.




Thom Herian (Prague, CZ)

sensational Czech drummer and band's beating
“heart”. Only few drum-kit players in the world
play live drum and bass like Thom does.
His performance is a special experience not limited
to musical enjoyment.



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